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    Dinner with an Amsterdam Escort

    On the whole, eating alone is boring. Who wants to just eat in the hotel lobby? If you do decide to go out, do you really want to do it by yourself? Nothing makes you more conscious of the fact that you are alone than sitting in a restaurant at a table for one, looking at your phone and scrolling through websites when you just want to talk to someone. Wouldn't it be far better to be out to dinner with a beautiful woman who hangs on every word that you say? If you think that there is no way that this is possible, you just have to contact us here at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U.

    Many people think that they have to go out and meet women if they want a date. Think about how hard this would really be. You're in a country where you do not even speak the native language. You're probably only here for a few days, either on business or on holiday. You just don't have the time to go out and look for women who would want to date you, especially since most of them would not be interested in spending time with a man who was going to leave the country in a few days. The Amsterdam escorts give you exactly what you want, saving you from all of this hassle, so that you can have a dinner date as soon as tonight.

    The Perks

    There are some perks that go along with dating Amsterdam escorts instead of women that you meet at the bar. For one thing, you can get to know the escorts a bit before you even meet them, looking at their photos and bios in the gallery. You can make sure that the woman that you take out to dinner is someone that you are actually going to enjoy spending time with, which is not a guarantee when you go on a random date.

    Another perk is that the Amsterdam escorts are interested in more than just fine dining. Sure, they love to eat a good steak and drink wine as much as the next girl, but they also want to come back to your hotel and spend the night. These Amsterdam escorts can show you a whole new world of sexual adventurers that you didn't know was there. They can make sure that you have a date to remember. However, it all starts with the restaurants, so here are a few places that you may want to go with the Amsterdam escorts:


    This is a Japanese restaurant with an upscale vibe that you just know that the Amsterdam escort is going to love. It starts with the decorations, which are all modern and sleek. The overall atmosphere is very classy and romantic. They have many different types of food, so you can definitely find what you want, from tapas dishes to sushi. Everything is fresh and good, and they do five-course and three-course meals. The presentation of the food is just as good as the food itself, so this place will impress the beautiful girl at your side. You can find it at Prins Hendrikkade 106 A, 1011 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can also give them a call at +31 20 6262410.


    Overall, this is a dark restaurant that is going to make you and the Amsterdam escorts feel like you're in a romantic atmosphere with its cozy tables and booths, but everything is backlit – like the bottles behind the bar, for example – to give it a very unique style of lighting. It reminds you of something that you would find in a big city, with a modern layout. They have things like ahi tuna, duck liver and mango chutney, so this gives you an upscale dining experience to go along with the great drinks. They do have wine and beer, but the cocktails are really where it's at. They also have five-course meals, so you can get a true feast. This restaurant is located at Utrechtsestraat 30a 1017 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands and you can call them at +31 20 3302994.

    Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

    If you're looking for something a bit more out of the norm, why not try out this great place, where they have awesome pancakes? You can get all sorts of toppings, like fresh fruit – bananas, strawberries and raspberries are very popular – chocolate, and even ice cream. They really put together some great dishes, and you can either pick from the menu or have something made to order. This is not at all the same type of upper-class dining that you'll get with the two places listed above, but it's going to be a fun experience and the food is terrific. You can find it at Grimburgwal 2, 1012 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands, and you can call at +31 20 6265603.

    Balthazar’s Keuken

    This is a tiny little restaurant, so you and the Amsterdam escorts may need to wait to be seated if you do not call ahead and make a reservation, but it is always packed because the food is so good. The cuisine is described as being quite European, but also very different than what you'd normally find in the Netherlands, so this can be a good change if you are looking for something new. The wine list is small, but, like the restaurant, it is quite good. This place may not give you all of the options of other restaurants, but they do what they do very well. You can find it at Elandsgracht 108, 1016 VA, Amsterdam, Netherlands. To make that reservation, call +31 20 4202114.

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