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    Amsterdam Escorts: Beautiful Women Who Love to Smoke

    Quick, what are your two favorite things about Amsterdam? If you did not say the sexy Amsterdam escorts and the legal weed, you are really missing out. These are by far the two best things about the city, despite all of the great restaurants, excellent historical sites and other things that you can do as a tourist. If you want a trip to remember, you need to spend the day smoking pot in the local coffee shops and you need to spend the night between the sheets with a beautiful girl. If you do this, you can be sure that you'll enjoy your trip, and you'll probably be bragging it up to everyone that you know.

    The beauty of Amsterdam is that both of these great things are legal. You can buy and smoke marijuana any time. You can smoke it in the shops, in the bars, and right out in the open. You can walk into the Red Light District with the Amsterdam escorts and hit up the sex clubs and the brothels. This is also legal and regulated. In fact, this legality makes it far better here than anywhere else. It is run like a standard business, with all of the perks that come along with it.

    Getting the Best Girl Around

    However, though they are regulated, we would recommend staying out of the brothels at first. You never know who is going to be there or what you are going to get. Don't let this random assortment of girls try to give you what you want. When you pick an Amsterdam escort from us, you can see photos of the girl long before you meet her – in fact, there are some great photos in the gallery section of the site – and you can read her bio. You know exactly what you're getting. Sure, going to the sex clubs with the Amsterdam escorts can be a blast, but make sure you get the girl from us first. You'll be glad that you did.

    After you hook up with the Amsterdam escorts, though, you need to figure out where to get that legal marijuana. There are plenty of options in Amsterdam as a whole, and some of the closest ones to Zwaanshoek are listed below.

    Super Fly

    In nearby Hoofddorp, this shop is spacious and not used by that many people because it is so far out of the way. It is built over a garage, and they have a great selection since they have so much space; comparatively, the small shops that are downtown have to limit their supply to only what is most popular, so you do not have as many chances to try something new. This shop gives you that, and the staff should have plenty of time to talk to you about the differences in all of your various options. You can find this shop at Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS Hoofddorp. Their phone number is +31 (0)23 5556945.


    Now, since there are not that many shops on the outskirts, the Amsterdam escorts will tell you that your best bet is to go into Haarlem, where there are a lot more options. That is where this shop is located, and it is still only a few kilometers away from you, so it won't take long to get there by train, taxi or even bus. It's a cool little shop on a small street, and it gets a lot of foot traffic. This can give you the real experience of buying weed with other tourists and locals alike. You and the Amsterdam escort can choose from Lemon Haze 2, Amnesia or Super Pohm, among other varieties. It is located at Gedempte Oudegracht 123, 2011 GP Haarlem.

    Willie Wortel's Indica

    Willie's is close to Maximillian, and people rave about the interior of the shop. It is one of those beautiful places where you just want to hang out for a while. You and the Amsterdam escorts could take this time to get to know each other a bit better. The Amsterdam escorts also like to smoke. This shop has PP Ice hash, Orange Bud, Lavender Haze and a ton of other options. If you do not know what to pick, just get some advice from your beautiful companion. This shop is found at Koudenhorn 58, 2011 JD Haarlem.

    Take Away

    When you take the Amsterdam escorts to this place, they are probably going to recognize it since it has been around for a while, but it used to be called Moonlight. It is just a small corner shop, and the name now more accuracy describes the shop. You can swing in here, get some weed, and head out quickly. Unlike some of the other options up above, you are probably not going to want to spend a lot of extra time just hanging around. However, this is actually ideal if you just want to get some pot so that you and the girl can get back out of town or head back to the hotel for the night. They have fast service. You can find them at Nassaulaan 54, 2011 PE Haarlem. You can call them at +31 (0)23 5328313.

    Contacting the Girls

    Hot girls and great marijuana are simply the best things about Amsterdam. Fortunately, both of them are also very easy to find. Just give us a call today if you want to set up a date with one of the girls. Pick out your favorite Amsterdam escort from the gallery and we'll get it all in place. You're going to love your next visit to this city when you get the most out of it.