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    Daisey is one of those Amsterdam escorts that you don't want to let get away. As one of our favorites at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U, she's always ready to discover the fun you have in store, and add some of her own ideas to the party.
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    Other than being one of the finest Amsterdam escorts, Daisey's a German born beauty who came to the Netherlands as a very young child, and has always shown a mind for business. While many of our Amsterdam escorts maintain pursuits and careers outside of their time with us, many seem to be in more creative fields. Daisey is a logical and strategic thinking who will blow your mind (and maybe something else) with her quick grasp of a wide range of topics.
    After getting a degree in business communications, Daisey decided to take some time off to earn money toward furthering her education. This is when she came into contact with some of our other Amsteram escorts, and decided that it seemed like a good opportunity. She's been having a great time as an Amsterdam escort, getting to know people like you from all over the world.

    Of course, Daisey knows how to have fun. She cuts loose by dancing hard at the clubs, throwing back a few vodka tonics and swinging her hips. If you choose her from our gallery of Amsterdam escorts, she'll probably be swinging those hips right against you tonight.

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    You want a hot woman when you have to spend some time in town. Our city might be known for its Amsterdam escorts, but that doesn't mean all are created equal. At Amsterdam Escorts 2 U, we take our time, selecting only the best looking and most engaging women to act as companions for our clients, and they never disappoint. From accompanying you to a business luncheon to cuddling up and more in your hotel room, these gorgeous girls will outshine the rest.

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