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    Amsterdam Escorts are Great Travelers: Cruquius Is an Old Town With Plenty to Offer

    Sometimes, you just have to get away from the busyness and endless demands of being in the big city. Amsterdam escorts from Amsterdam Escorts 2 U make the perfect companions for expanding horizons with a jaunt out to small towns like Cruquius

    You've likely heard -- or know from experience -- that Amsterdam is the place to go for pleasure. Amsterdam escorts are certainly one big reason for this. Beyond that, people like the idea that they can also smoke marijuana openly and in public places. Your Amsterdam escort is the perfect partner for tapping into some of your deepest desires and favorite recreational activities, whether you're doing it in the urban centers or in a place like Cruquius.

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    Following is some information on the town of Cruquius, and what you might choose to do with your Amsterdam escort. Don't miss this opportunity to get to know one of the finest small regions in The Netherlands, as well as one of the finest of our famous Amsterdam escorts.

    Visiting Cruquius with Beautiful, Sexy Amsterdam Escorts

    Cruquius, located just west of Amsterdam, was founded in the 18th century by mill workers. The workers were stationed in the area as one of the teams trying to drain the water of the Haarlem Lake by means of a pump. The name Cruquius was inspired by one of the project planners, Nicolaas Samuel Cruquius. Because so many of our Amsterdam escorts are educated ladies, your date will certainly be game to take in a little history during your romantic getaway.

    Because it sits just north-west of Hoofddorp, Cruquius gives you and your Amsterdam escort easy access to the larger town's attractions as well as its own. In fact, some of our Amsterdam escorts might already be familiar with many of your options for what to do while there.

    Cruquius Museum

    The Cruquius Museum occupies what was originally the pumping station of the Cruquius pump of the 18th century. Until 1933, when it became a museum, the pump itself continued to work from time to time. The steam engine is thought to be one of the largest ever built. Learn how the Dutch people of the region (perhaps ancestors of your Amsterdam escort) took the land back from the sea with the steam engine, windmills and other technologies from the day.

    You and one of our lovely Amsterdam escorts might enjoy strolling the beautiful building, and grabbing a bite in the cafe, located in the old foreman's house. You can find the museum at Cruquiusdijk 27, 2142 ER Cruquius, or call +31 23 528 5704 for more information.

    Hoofddorp Events

    Not far from Cruquius is the larger town of Hoofddorp. In fact, it is the largest town in what used to be the Haarlem Lake. If you and one of our sexy Amsterdam escorts visit in the summer, you might be able to check out Mystery Land, Concours Hippique, Meerlive, Hoofddorp Culinair or one of the other seasonal events. In the spring you and your music loving Amsterdam escort could check out Meer Jazz. Many of these festivals take place right in the center of the city.

    Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer

    The Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer is a fun place to find out about more about the region that used to be Haarlem Lake (Haarlemmermeer in Dutch). Because Amsterdam escorts are intelligent as well as sexy, they'll love this chance to learn a little more about the country in which they live. Find the museum at Bosweg 17, Hoofddorp 2131 LX, or call 023 5620437

    Trattoria Buoni Amici

    Women who are Amsterdam escorts always have excellent taste, and would no doubt enjoy a stop at Trattoria Buoni Amici for some Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The menu holds delicious and authentic meals that you and your beautiful Amsterdam escort can enjoy in an intimate setting. Go to Concourslaan 3, Hoofddorp 2132 DH, or call 023-5556923 for reservations.

    De Pimpernel

    When you and your choice of our Amsterdam escorts are in the mood for seasonal French food, there is no better place to go than De Pimpernel. The atmosphere is of a small family restaurant, yet they offer an extensive wine list and a modern sleekness. Find the restaurant at Kruisweg 959, Hoofddorp 2132 CD or 023-5615970.

    Indulge Yourself While in Cruquius With an Amsterdam Escort

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