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    Having Trouble Finding Coffee Shops Near Bennebroek?

    Though there are coffee shops all over Amsterdam, it can sometimes be hard to find them near the place where you are staying. If you're struggling to locate one, the best thing to do is to meet up with one of our sexy Amsterdam escorts. These girls are going to be able to show you a good time, both out on the town and in your hotel bed. Think of the Amsterdam escorts like the most beautiful tour guides that you have ever met.

    The huge upside to this is that you can take the Amsterdam escorts with you when you actually decide to go to the coffee shop and buy some weed. Were you just going to head over there on your own? This can be fun by yourself, but smoking is one of those things tends to be better when you share it. These girls will tell you what types of pot you should buy and then they'll hang out and you both can get high. You can even bring some of the weed back to your hotel, sitting on the balcony, smoking and looking out over the city before – or after – you climb into bed together.

    Nearby Options

    To start your search, just take a look at some of these options that are close to you, at least in the same part of the city. You can easily get to many of them by train if they are too far to walk. Remember that public transportation in the Netherlands is very good, so going a kilometer or two should be a breeze.

    Super Fly

    This shop in Hoofddorp draws people from all over the area because it is one of the only nearby shops that is not in Holland. As such, it is a huge place with a good selection. Though it may be slightly out of the way, you should check it out if you want the most choices – such as Purple Haze, Ice Hash, Lemon Haze, Bubble Gum, Black Afghan, and Sputnik. You can also buy pipes from them if you need to, so they can hook you and the Amsterdam escort up with everything on your list. If you want to save yourself the two kilometers that it would take to get to Haarlem, this is the place to go. You can find it at Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS Hoofddorp. If you would like to call, they are open every day, and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5556945.


    In Haarlem, you and the Amsterdam escorts may want to go to Sandman, which has a wide patio out front of the brick building where you can park your bike or your scooter. It's pretty quiet and laid-back inside, and the owner is friendly. They have many different types of weed, but only one style of hash, so you should make sure that you know what you are looking for before you go. They get mostly locals in this shop, but the Amsterdam escorts can help to translate when you need to talk to anyone, so you should fit right in. This place is located at Zomervaart 154, 2033 DC Haarlem. Their phone number is +31 (0)23 5402501.


    Liberty is another nearby option that you and the Amsterdam escorts are going to love. The name alone fits in very well with the free feel of this city. It's a tiny little shop without many places to sit, but they are greet for just dropping by to get some weed and then heading on. They do have a pre-rolled menu, so no need to worry about your own sloppily rolled joint. This shop is sometimes not recommended for beginners since everything is in Dutch, making it more of a target for locals, but that is why you want to have the Amsterdam escort at your side. You can find this shop at Rijksstraatweg 198, 2022 DH Haarlem. The phone number is +31 (0)23 5392527.

    Koffieshop Birdy

    This place is larger than Liberty, so you can stay and relax, which makes it an ideal choice if you are killing some time or if you really want to experience what it is like to live in Amsterdam. There are a fair amount of locals, but they are nice to tourists and they can help you out. The Knetter is supposed to be quite good, as is the White Widow. The Northern Light, Ice-o-Later and and Special Jelly hash also come highly recommended, and the prices are very good. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this shop at Schoterweg 19, 2021 HZ Haarlem and their phone number is +31 (0)23 5253822.


    This little shop deserves a quick mention because it's a great spot to hang out with the Amsterdam escorts if you're from out of town. They are extremely welcoming to tourists and they have excellent weed for the money. It is found at Schoterweg 66, 2021 HP Haarlem. To learn more, just call them at +31 (0)23 5259027.

    How to Meet Our Amsterdam Escorts

    It's easy to meet up with our gorgeous girls. Now that you know of a few places that you can go, just look for the girl you want in the gallery and then give us a call. As you will see on the contact page, we also have an email address that you can use; this is sometimes better than calling if you live in a different time zone. Whatever you do, make sure that you get in touch with us today so that you can find the ideal Amsterdam escort to both share your bed and show you where to buy the best weed in all of Bennebroek.