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    When your boss tells you that he needs you to go on a business trip, do you instantly start dreading it? Maybe you hate to travel alone because you're just so bored whenever you are not in a meeting. Maybe you hate the food that you end up buying, which is never very good, or maybe you hate eating along, even though you do know where to get some excellent cuisine.

    Many businessmen love to travel on these trips when they first start their careers. They find it fun and exciting. It is different than anything they have done before, and it gives them time out of the office. However, this feeling of excitement dries up pretty quickly, and that is when they start to dread it for the reasons mentioned above. If you feel like this and you want to change things up, you should know that Amsterdam escorts are the perfect way to do it. These sexy girls are here to please you and make your trip as fun as possible. They will go out to dinner with you, show you the city and even fulfill your sexual desires in your hotel room. With one of these smoking hot Amsterdam escorts at your side, you are going to wish that your business trip could never end.

    The Legal Side of Amsterdam

    There are two things that you should know about what is legal in Amsterdam that may not be legal where you are from. First of all, sleeping with an Amsterdam escort is entirely within the law. You can take her to your hotel or head off to a sex club or a brothel with her. It's all fair game, and it can be a great time. Another thing that is legal is smoking marijuana, with or without the Amsterdam escorts. You can purchase it legally at a coffee shop and you can smoke it there or outside. Some public buildings do not allow smoking, but it is fully legal in most parts of the city, so you never have to be worried. In fact, if you want to go to a coffee shop to get some weed, here are two that you should check out.


    Yanks is one of the biggest coffee shops that you can find in the country, as any Amsterdam escorts will attest. The place is sprawling, with tons of room to walk around inside. The theme makes it look almost like an American cabin, like something that you would find in Colorado, in the United States. This really makes it stand out when compared to all of the other little brick coffee shops. This unique atmosphere can be really nice, and it is a place that will feel a little bit like home if you are from the United States.

    There is seating both inside and out, with a large patio covered in tables and chairs where you can sit and smoke while you watch people on the street. On a sunny day, there is no better place to be than at Yanks for a good joint. This is a two-floor shop, so it has a lot to offer, including free wifi if you want to check your email. The Amsterdam escorts love coming here, and you can find the shop at Dorpsplein 2, 2042 JK Zandvoort. You can also give them a call at: +31 (0)23 5719455.

    Coffeeshop La Paz

    Another option that you can check out with the Amsterdam escorts is Coffeeshop La Paz. This place is a bit more traditional, and it is a lot smaller than Yanks, but it is very nice. The interior is rather dim, in the style of a true coffee shop, but it is relaxing and there is plenty of seating inside. The small bar takes up one wall, and the rest is dedicated to table and booths. The Orange Bud is supposed to be really good and they always have a nice supply, or you can ask the Amsterdam escort for a recommendation. The best thing about this place is that it is easy to get to since it is just a short walk to the shop from the train station. You can find it at Stationsstraat 9 – 11, 2042 LD Zandvoort, and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5730861.

    The North Sea

    If you want to show the Amsterdam escorts a good time, it is important to know that Zandoort is very close to the North Sea. You can walk down by the water to take a stroll along the beach. There are restaurants at the water's edge that give you a great view, or you can get some pot from one of the coffee shops and smoke it while you walk. If you are in the area, this is something that you certainly want to take advantage of. Other parts of the city, like Haarlem, do not have such easy access to the water. Our Amsterdam escorts are, of course, happy to do whatever you want, but this is one excursion that they are sure to love, a great way to enjoy the marijuana and your lovely companion.

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    The best way to revitalize your business trips is to spend them with an Amsterdam escort. Every day will be more fun when you share it with her, and your bed will be a hotbed of passion. Are you tired of eating alone, of wasting time in your hotel room and of generally dreading your business trips? Call us today and we can change all of that. All of the contact information that you need is on the main contact page, and there are pictures of the beautiful girls in the gallery. We hope to hear from you soon!