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    Your Amsterdam Escort Is the Perfect Addition to a Trip to Vijfhuizen

    The Netherlands is a country that is full of small towns and villages that rest between the larger cities. Whether Amsterdam escorts from Amsterdam Escorts 2 U are originally from the area or not, they always like to discover more about the country in which they live and work, and are the perfect companions.

    Our Amsterdam escorts are carefully selected to ensure that you'll be able to find the right woman for any occasion or venue. Depending on your taste in looks, background and personality, you'll find an Amsterdam escort to join you for an afternoon, evening or all night long. Take some time to look through our gallery of beautiful Amsterdam escorts, and just call us to make a date with the lady that strikes your fancy. In addition to being wonderful to look at, these gals are well rounded, intelligent and interesting people.

    You've no doubt heard tales about the famous Amsterdam escorts in our country, and maybe even have some experience with them. Whether you're around for one night or a month, business or pleasure, there's always time for an Amsterdam escort in your itinerary.

    As you're going to be in the area of Vijfhuizen, we thought it might help if you had a little idea of where you were headed, and how Amsterdam escorts can fit into that picture. While you obviously have very specific ideas about what you want to do with your Amsterdam escort, this region has some great attractions and restaurants.

    Spending Quality Time in Vijfhuizen with Your Amsterdam Escort

    Situated just a few kilometers southeast of Haarlem, Vijfhuizen is in the Haarlemmermeer region. This area used to be the Haarlem Lake, but the water was drained in the 19th century to make room for human development. Today, it's a fine balance of pastoral and urban centers, with plenty of opportunity for eating, shopping, nightlife and more. Amsterdam escorts will enjoy the chance to take in the diversity of the population, as well as a diversion from the big city.

    Vijfhuizen is quite close to the larger town of Haarlem, and it is there that you and your Amsterdam escort will be able to find plenty to see and do. It is a town that originates from the Middle Ages, and offers the best of shopping and other modern attractions, as well as access to the peace of the beach. Better yet, Haarlem is at the heart of the flower growing region, and contains endless beauty in the form of colorful blooms and bulbs. If you and your Amsterdam escort visit in the spring, you'll be sure to see the flowers at their peak.

    Check out the attractions and other things we've listed below when you want to make the most of your time in and around Vijfhuizen with your dream lady from our Amsterdam escorts.

    Fort Vijfhuizen

    Fort Vijfhuizen is part of a larger World Heritage Site, and contains art studios and a restaurant. Sitting up on a hill and surrounded by a moat, the fort exemplifies the ultimate in Europen military history. As Amsterdam escorts are women who are always interested in culture, they'll love the chance to see this piece of history. You can find Fort Vijfhuizen at Fortwachter 1, or call +31 23 558 9013 to learn more.

    Grote Markt

    Grote Market (Big Market) is located right in the central market square in Haarlem, just as it has been for centuries. Famous buildings surround the spot, and you, as well as any of our Amsterdam escorts, will get the chance to see the town living and breathing as it has always been. Of course, you'll also be the envy of everyone you pass with your lovely Amsterdam escort on your arm.

    The Corrie ten Boom House

    Get a real piece of history at the home of the woman who, with her family, hid from the Nazis during the second World War. We take pride in the fact that our Amsterdam escorts are women of knowledge and respect, and although the house has a solemn history, it can make a great stop for an afternoon of sight seeing. Find out more by contacting Postbus 2237 2002 CE.

    St. Bavo Cathedral

    Built during the 14th and 15th centuries, St. Bavo Cathedral is all that cathedral should be. Reflecting the Kustgotiek, or Coast Gothic, style it contains numerous religious artifacts and architecture that is sure to impress any of our Amsterdam escorts. For more information, call 023-5532040.

    Frans Hals Museum

    The Frans Hals Museum holds the artwork of Frans Hals, as well as other like Jan Steen and Jacob van Ruidael. Experience centuries of Dutch art with one of our Amsterdam escorts who is working on her degree in art education or art history. Find the museum at Great Heiligland 62 2011 ES or call 023 5115775 for more information.

    Steakhouse the Golden Bull

    After all that moving around in Haarlem near Vijfhuizen, you'll both need a hearty meal. Amsterdam escorts always enjoy a good dinner, and will love a stop at the Steakhouse Golden Bull. Here you can find New Zealand Hereford beef, Wagyu kobe style beef, Argentine Hereford and Scottish Aberdeen Angus, as well as a wine selection including bottles from Spain, Argentina, Italy, the USA and Chile. Find the restaurant at Zijlstraat 39, Haarlem 2011 TK or call +(31)23 5319733.

    Bring Amsterdam Escorts to Vijfhuizen Today!

    Our Amsterdam escorts are happy to go wherever you want to take them, and a trip to the fun of Vijfhuizen is no exception. When you're in the area and want to show Amsterdam escorts the best time possible, and get something pretty fun in return, give Amsterdam Escorts 2 U a call and make a date!