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    Stop us if this sounds familiar, but we hear from a lot of people here at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U who have gone through the same situation. First, you get to Amsterdam and you don't know anyone. You go out to the bar, dressed to the nines, hoping to meet a lovely lady that you can take back to your hotel and pull into bed with you for the night of your life. After all, you've heard so many people talking about how the girls here just love sex, so it seems like it should be easy to find someone who will be down with a one-night hookup.

    Well, your problems start right off the bat. It's hard to find a good bar, so you go to a few lame ones before you find one that you like. Once you get there, you sit at a booth by yourself and watch the girls come in, but none of them even look over at your table. They are all with friends. Some are in groups, some are with boyfriends and girlfriends, and everyone just looks occupied. They all know each other and they only talk and dance with each other. You never have a chance to start a conversation, much less make your move and see if one of these sexy ladies wants to be yours for the night. You end up drinking a few beers in silence and walking back to the hotel by yourself to see what is on TV.

    If that all sounds depressing, it certainly should. The problem is that you're going about it all wrong. It's actually never been easier to find sexy women who want to spend the night with you in Sassenheim. You're not only going to find one, but your biggest problem is going to be finding the hottie that you really want because there are so many choices. You just need to forget this old idea of picking up girls at the bar – it works in movies, but it doesn't work in real life – and you need to call us here at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U.

    What Do We Do?

    In short, we hook you up with Amsterdam escorts who can blow you away. We recruit girls from all over town. Some are in college, others are stopping in on their world travels, and others have just lived here their whole lives. Either way, they want just what you want: A night of drinks, weed and passionate sex. We then take a picture of each Amsterdam escort, put it up on our website and let you choose. You just have to call us, and we will make sure that the Amsterdam escorts are ready to meet you whenever and wherever you want. You never have to waste your time again. You're going to love it. You can take the girls to all sorts of places, such as these:

    Van Der Valk Hotel Casino Sassenheim

    This should be your first stop if you want all types of entertainment to be rolled into one. You can eat in the restaurant, getting a terrific steak, roast duck or a premium pasta dish; they also have local foods so that you can try out the excellent fare that The Netherlands has produced. After that, you can sip a glass of red wine or a glass of cognac on the rocks and walk over to the gaming tables. With one of our Amsterdam escorts on your arm, you'll look like a high-roller. You can play card games, slots, craps and anything else that you want, adding an element of chance and luck to the evening. This casino, hotel and restaurant can be found at Warmonderweg 8, 2171 AH Sassenheim. If you and the Amsterdam escorts would like to call first, you can just dial 252 219 019.

    Moeders Eethuis

    Located in a historic part of town with beautiful brick buildings surrounding it, this is a traditional restaurant where you can go with the Amsterdam escort to feel like you have moved back in time. If you're just looking for a light meal, they serve coffee and snacks. Keep in mind that many coffee shops do not serve coffee at all, but marijuana, so this is the type of place that you want to go for coffee. They also have an extensive dinner menu if you want something a bit heavier. You can eat outside on the patio with the Amsterdam escort so that you can look at the beautiful city around you. The restaurant is found at Oude Haven 1, 2171 GG Sassenheim. You can call to make a reservation by dialing 252 227 548.

    Eetcafé De Voogd

    This is another highly-rated restaurant for those who like the outdoor, patio-style restaurants that are so popular in Amsterdam. You and the Amsterdam escorts can eat dishes that may feel very familiar to you if you are not from The Netherlands, because they have classic pub food – though done to a much higher level of quality – like burgers and coleslaw. This makes it the perfect place to go for lunch, especially if you want to drink a crisp and refreshing local beer at the same time. This restaurant is found at Hoofdstraat 267 B, 2171 BD Sassenheim. You can call them at 252 232 770.

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    See how easy it is to find the right girl when you turn to an Amsterdam escort? Have you had a chance to check out the gallery to look at your options and find someone whose personality fits with you, whose looks blow your mind and who you think is the ideal companion for a night on the town? If so, the next step is just to call us. It's as easy as anything you've ever done, and we can hook you up with the best night of your life. Call now!