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    As you plan to be in the Oegstgeest region, we've put together a brief list of places to go and things to see while you and your Amsterdam escort are there. While some of our girls might already be familiar with the area, other Amsterdam escorts might be delighted with their first chance to see the place. Take a little time now to plan your stay, and use your hours and days there to just have fun with your Amsterdam escort.

    Drink in Oegstgeest with Your Amsterdam Escort

    Oegstgeest is a suburb of the larger Leiden, and thought to be one of the first places that was inhabited by the coast in ancient, pre-historic times. Over the last century, it has grown from a largely rural area to contain several neighborhoods and is now a great area to visit with your pick of one of our lovely Amsterdam escorts. Because you are not terribly far from the North Sea, you may be able to drink in some of that fine sea air as you and your Amsterdam escort wander the streets together.

    While Oegstgeest itself is a relatively picturesque place, you and one of our sensual Amsterdam escorts will likely find more to do in the slightly more urban area of Leiden. Leiden has been a university town since 1575, and is the home of Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Centre. The establishment is actually twinned with Oxford in England. As interested young women, our Amsterdam escorts will no doubt jump at the chance to see a place with so much history behind it.

    The following is a collection of attractions that you and your preferred member of our Amsterdam escorts might find enticing.


    Corpus is a tour through the human body. Amsterdam escorts, like anyone, will be thrilled by this relevant and exciting tour. Beginning in the knee and working your way up through the brain, you will experience a visual and audio (with your choice of 16 languages) tour, as well as interactive tests and games. Corpus also makes a point of stressing how best to care for the human body (though Amsterdam escorts might be able to offer some fun tips of their own!) to keep it healthy.

    After your tour, check out one of the cafes, where you and one of our beautiful Amsterdam escorts can grab a bite to eat. The gift shop offers a variety of fun mementos so that the two of you can remember this special trip. Corpus is located at Willem Einthovenstraat 1, Oegstgeest 2342. Call 071 75 10 200 for more information.

    Wine & Dine

    The Dutch love their wine, and they love French cuisine. Wine & Dine offers both and could be the perfect place for you and one of our Amsterdam escorts to get to know each other before getting down to business, so to speak. Although the restaurant is upscale, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The food is presented in a lovely way and of a high quality. Amsterdam escorts always love a good meal in a classy place, and there's no better way to set a romantic mood. Wine & Dine is located at Endegeesterlaan 2 2342 CZ, Oegstgeest, or you can call 071-3030111 for reservations.

    National Museum of Ethnology

    The National Museum of Ethnology (Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde) explores the global population as it separates by continent, race, origin and more. Amsterdam escorts will love spending time learning about how the world came to be as it is now, and where we all fit within it. The museum is not huge, but the artifacts and exhibits are a delight for the senses. Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde can be found at Steenstraat 1, Leiden 2300 AE or 071 - 5168 800 by phone.

    The Rhine River

    Leiden sits right on the Rhine River, and provides beautiful scenery of a city old and new. Let your selection from our Amsterdam escorts show you just how fit she is by strolling with you around the river and its landscapes. The visitors' center can provide maps and details about the area.

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