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    Below, you'll find some information about the area of Nieuw Vennep. If you are considering bringing one of our Amsterdam escorts there, it might be helpful to know a little more about what there is to see and do.

    Discover Nieuw Vennep and the Surrounding Area with Amsterdam Escorts

    Nieuw Vennep and Hoofdoorp were the two towns officially formed after people drained Haarlem Lake in the 19th century. The land that became available is now called Haarlemmermeer, and it contains a number of small towns and neighborhoods. The first people to live in Nieuw Vennep were poor farmers, and the town has grown to a population of more than 30,000 inhabitants. As an alternative destination to the busier towns in the region, Nieuw Vennep might be a nice retreat for you and one of our lovely Amsterdam escorts.

    There is a great deal of history in this region, and you may be glad to know that several Amsterdam escorts maintain a healthy interest in things of that nature. Why not make a day of exploring the sites and attractions of the region, and then move on to more sensual things as the night wears on?

    Below is a compilation of a few things in Nieuw Vennep and the surrounding Haarlemmermeer region that might spark your interest, and that of your Amsterdam escort. Together, the two of you can decide what will be most entertaining, and what will most ignite your passion.

    Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer

    The Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer contains information, displays and exhibits about the history and development of Haarlemmermeer. We are proud of the fact that our Amsterdam escorts are well read, intelligent young women who care about how things came to be, and yours will no doubt enjoy the experience. The museum is located at Bosweg 17, Hoofddorp 2131 LX, or you can call 023 5620437 for more information.

    Haarlemmermeerse Bos

    As the largest area public park, Haarlemmermeerse Bos is a wonderful place to take a stroll, relax and breathe in some fresh air with your Amsterdam escort. Within the park is a sizable lake for summertime swimming, as well as Spotter's Hill, which is an impressive 40 meters high. Amsterdam escorts simply make the scenery more beautiful with the promise of what's to come.

    Schiphol Airport

    This airport is so much more than just an airport. Schiphol Airport offers airline passengers and others cafes, sporting facilities, a museum, a mall and even places for worship. Whether this is how you enter the Netherlands or you simply stop by to check the place out, this is an ideal stop if you want to hit several birds with one stone. We can even have one of our Amsterdam escorts meet you there. The airport is located at Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP, and you can call for more information at +31 900 0141.

    De Pimpernel

    De Pimpernel suits the Dutch fondness for French cuisine very well. Of course, Amsterdam escorts are also appreciative of a fine meal. Patrons love the seasonal menu that's never exactly the same, as well as the extensive and enjoyable wine list. This is truly a local treasure that Amsterdam escorts and tourists alike will adore. Stop in to Kruisweg 959, Hoofddorp 2132 CD or call 023-5615970 for reservations or more information.

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