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    The best place to start your search for the Amsterdam escorts is in our gallery. You need to take a look at the provocative photos. This is way better than trying to hook up with someone randomly. Not only are the odds stacked against you when you do that, but you don't get to pick the ideal woman. With our gallery, the choice is yours, so you know that you're going to love the experience.

    We know that finding the right mature Amsterdam escort is about far more than the way that she looks. You also have to connect on a deeper level. You need someone with a fun personality, someone that you can get along with when you go out to dinner, go for a stroll along the shoreline, or smoke pot in the local coffee shops. Because of this side of things, we've taken the time to put up bios for all of the girls. Read through them and you can learn more about these mature escorts. Think of it like speed dating before you even meet.

    What's the Deal with the Coffee Shops?

    If you have not been to Amsterdam and visited Amsterdam escorts before, you might be wondering how the coffee shops work. The short version is simply that they are legal places where you can buy weed. This is sold on the open market in Amsterdam just like it should be everywhere. The mature Amsterdam escorts have been smoking for years, so they can tell you what types to buy or what shops you should check out first. However, here are a few options in the weed capital of the city, Haarlem, that you may want to start with.

    High Times

    High Times is a shop that is aimed at tourists. They are friendly to those who are from out of town and the staff and speak enough English to help you get by. The Amsterdam escorts can also help to translate if needed, but this is one shop where you probably will not need the help. They have a lot of options, which are always changing, but they could include things like Black Afghan, Ice Hash, and Purple Haze. You can either go with one of those popular choices or ask if they have anything new and rare, as they are typically getting in all sorts of stuff. You and the Amsterdam escort will find this shop at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA Haarlem. If you have any questions, the phone number is +31 (0)23 5400798.


    If you're traveling by train, this is one shop that you and the Amsterdam escorts have to check out because it is so close to the tracks. This makes it very easy to get to. Why not swing by while you're out exploring the city? The downside that many people dislike about it is that there is not much room to sit, so you are pretty much limited to picking up some weed to go. If you are exploring anyway, though, that is the perfect type of shop for you. There are also some benches outside where you can smoke, so you can hang around to try out the different varieties of weed and decide what you want to buy more of for later. This shop can be found at Schapenkamp 192A, 1211 PB Hilversum and the phone number is +31 (0)35 6216196.

    The Lounge

    You may just want to get your weed and move on with the Amsterdam escorts, hoping to get back to the hotel as soon as possible so that she can wow you on the carnal level. If you want to spend some more time relaxing together, though, the Lounge is a great place to go. It was designed, as the name implies, as a place for people to hang out. They have pool tables, and you could shoot your way through a few games while you smoke. They have a pinball machine if you want to show off your skills. As soon as you step inside, you'll feel like you could kill hours here, and that's a great way to get to know the hot escort and have some fun together. The Lounge is located at Doelstraat 29, 2011 XB Haarlem. If you want to call, just dial +31 (0)23 7370029.

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    Think that it's time to set up a date with the mature escorts that you want to spend time with when you get here? This isn't something that you want to put off, as doing it in advance ensures that you don't miss the chance to meet your dream woman. Just click over to our contact page for full details, then give us a call or send us an email today. We would be glad to answer any questions, and we can book your date so that the Amsterdam escort is waiting for you when you arrive.