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    Amsterdam Escorts: The Best Tour Guides

    If you want someone to show you around when you're in Hoorn, or just in Amsterdam in general, why not go out on the town with Amsterdam escorts? Our girls here at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U are the best tour guides around. They love what they do, and it really shows. They can take you to the hot spots in the city and after the day winds down, they do not leave like a normal tour guide. Instead, the Amsterdam escort will come back to share your bed and show you a whole new type of fun.

    Various Establishments

    Of course, you can go anywhere with the girls. It's all up to you. However, there are three different types of establishments that people tend to go to with these girls: Bars, restaurants and coffee shops. These are the perfect places to go with Amsterdam escorts who are so stunningly hot that all eyes are going to be on them as soon as they set foot in the door.

    One thing that is worth noting is that the coffee shops in the Netherlands are here to sell marijuana, not just coffee. This is not some under-the-table deal like it might be in your home country, but a legal transaction. You can buy a cup of coffee and a bag of weed – like the Lemon Haze or the Ice Hash – at the same time. It's really a great setup and it makes it easy to find weed when you want it, but it's good to know that this is how it works before you get there.

    Maybe you're looking for marijuana and maybe you're not. Either way, here are some of the great establishments in the area that the Amsterdam escorts can show to you. They are hot tour guides who can draw you in and enchant you, even before you get to your hotel and it becomes a more psychical, passionate relationship between the two of you.

    't Keteltje

    This is a tiny shop by most standards, but it has what you need. Packed into that little brick building are some great options for you and the Amsterdam escorts to pick from when you are looking for prime marijuana. Some of the options include Shiva, Super Shiva and Dutchreaver. They have far more than just those, though. The prices are also said to be very good – right around five euros per gram – which is nice because you can avoid some of the inflated prices that you get at the bigger shops. You and the Amsterdam escort can smoke to your hearts' content. This shop is located at Kerkplein 1a, 1621 CX Hoorn. You can also call them at +31 (0)229 214782.

    De Boot

    Hoorn is touted as being a beautiful city since it is right on the water, something to which the Amsterdam escorts can surely attest, and this shop gives you a chance to get out and really experience it because there are not that many places to sit. It is just a take-away store, where you pick up what you want and go elsewhere to smoke it. However, in such a great location, this is not such a drawback. You can get prime weed for a good price and go out to explore the town. It is recommended to walk down by the water, and it is only a few blocks from the shop, which can be found at Grote Havensteeg 13, 1621 BA Hoorn. If you want to call them, go ahead and dial +31 (0)229 215080.

    Green Line

    Maybe you're going to be in town for some time and you are looking for a grow shop where you can get the stuff that you need to grow your own weed, along with some great weed that you can smoke. If so, you should look to Green Line. This is a huge shop with everything that you could ever need, and the staff is very helpful. They can give you hints and tips, and they can set you up with equipment, even if this is your first time ever growing. After that, you can get some marijuana to smoke on your way back home. This shop is located at De Factorij 10K, 1689 AL Hoorn, and it's set up in a large industrial complex. You can call them to learn more at +31 (0)229 244468.

    Bars and Restaurants

    You can see that there is plenty of weed, but there are places for you and the Amsterdam escorts to go for food and drinks as well. Try out T Sneeker Veerhuys, a little pub that is right on the bay. You can get a cold beer and some excellent food any time, though it is more casual dining. You can find it at Korenmarkt 2, 1621 BG Hoorn NH, Netherlands, or you can call +31 610 967095. If you are looking for something a bit farther from the water, check out Cupido Bar. This place is very highly rated. It may not have the prime location, but the excellent food and drink should draw you in all the same. This bar is located at Dorpsstraat 57, 1688 CC Nibbixwoud, Netherlands and you can call them at +31 229 758200

    Contacting Amsterdam Escorts 2 U

    We make finding a great Amsterdam escort easy, and we give you a tour guide like nothing you have ever experienced. If you'd like to get in on this today, please give us a call. You can be sure that the girls are eagerly waiting to meet you. Just go to the contact page for the full details, and you will find that it is easy to contact us from anywhere in the world.