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    All Sorts of Fun with Amsterdam Escorts

    If having fun is your goal on your trip to Heemstede, you could not have chosen a better destination. This is the perfect place because you can meet up with one of the hot girls from Amsterdam Escorts 2 U. These girls will give you everything, from a fun night out on the town to a passionate night in your hotel. They are beautiful and young, and they want to be with you. Most vacations cannot offer this type of activity, but Amsterdam is famous for having some of the best escorts in the world.

    On top of that, you can take the Amsterdam escorts to some terrific bars and restaurants. The wine selection is awesome if you want to have a glass or two with your meal. The bars have hard alcohol from all around the world. There are local beers that are brewed right here in Holland and beers from all of Europe. Anything that you desire to drink is right at your fingertips, and sharing those drinks with an Amsterdam escort is certainly the best way to do it.

    Finally, you should know that smoking weed here is not frowned upon at all, but accepted. It is legal to buy the pot from dealers at the local coffee shops. This often feels very strange to some visitors who are not allowed to do this in their home countries, but it is the way things work here. Personal freedoms are very real in the Netherlands. Many of the coffee shops have tables, couches and televisions, so you can hang out in them if you so desire.

    Now that you know what types of fun you can have here, it is time to take look at some of the specifics. You and the Amsterdam escorts may want to check out a few of the following establishments:

    Cozy Restaurant

    As the name implies, this place really is inviting and cozy, which is why the Amsterdam escorts like it so much. There are old wooden beams on the ceiling, helping to create a traditional atmosphere. The food tends to be somewhat fancy, with an emphasis on French cuisine, so you are really in for a treat. The waitstaff can help you pair a wine or a beer with your meal, or you and the girl on your arm can pick a few different drinks to share. If you want a great dining experience, you can find this restaurant at Wipperplein 3, 2103 LR Heemstede, Netherlands, and you can call for reservations at +31 23 529 3186.

    De Konijnenberg

    Another traditional and highly-rated restaurant, this one has been a mainstay in the area for years, so the Amsterdam escorts are probably familiar with it already. The brown trim outside gives you the rustic, traditional vibe from the outset, and it is not lost when you walk inside. The food is going to be better than you expected, which is why it gets such high ratings. People are continuously blown away by everything that it has to offer. If you are not sure what to pick, the Amsterdam escort can tell you about popular local dishes. Tasting the food that is native to a country is really a good way to get to know that country. You can find this restaurant at Herenweg 33, 2105 MB Heemstede, Netherlands and you can call them at +31 23 584 8096.

    Bistro Deux

    This is a little white building on the corner of a street lined in lovely trees, and it is the perfect place to swing in for lunch or a late breakfast after you and the Amsterdam escorts spend some time fooling around in bed. The bistro is quaint and has a nice selection of food that is always fresh. If you are there later in the day, they also have wine that you can try, with a good selection from both the local area and the rest of the world. You will find this place at Binnenweg 25, 2101 JA Heemstede, Netherlands. Their phone number is +31 23 529 3950.

    Bij Bomans | Eten & Drinken

    This is a nice place that is catered around comfort. All of the tables are set up with padded booths so that you can settle in and stay for a while. This is a good place to go if you want to chat with the Amsterdam escorts and get to know them, or you can come here and get a bottle of wine instead of going to the bar. It provides a much quieter atmosphere for subdued drinking, if that is what you enjoy. However, it is primarily a restaurant, so it may be best to have dinner and then linger with your wine, rather than coming just for a drink. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this place at Binnenweg 1, 2101 JA Heemstede, Netherlands. You can call them at +31 23 547 4520.

    Where Can You Find the Weed?

    It is important to know that there are not very many coffee shops that sell marijuana in this part of the city. Most of them tend to be in Haarlem. It is probably worth your time to swing through there, using the train or the bus system, so that you can get more options and better prices.

    Setting Up Your Trip

    No matter which restaurant you choose to go to or what you decide to do, wouldn't you rather do it with a beautiful Amsterdam escort? She'll also be more than glad to warm your bed, so this is something you do not want to miss. Please contact us today to set up your trip.