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    Partying in Amsterdam

    People come to Amsterdam for all sorts of reasons, but maybe you're coming here because you want to hook up with Amsterdam escorts and party. This is a great city for it, with a vibrant nightlife that is unlike anything that you'll find in other cities. You're going to have a great time if that's what you're looking for, and going out with Amsterdam escorts makes it way better. For one thing, they can come home – or back to the hotel – with you at the end of the night, so you're guaranteed a good ending.

    Another upside to going out with an escort is that she can show you where the best parties are. Want to do some shots and throw back cocktails while you dance the night away? There are plenty of bars and clubs that cater to experiences just like that. Want to smoke some weed and get high before or after you go out for the night? There are tons of coffee shops all over the city that sell marijuana legally. You can go to any of them and get just what you need. Want to try some local beers? There are breweries that kick out some of the best beers around, and you and the Amsterdam escorts can eat and drink there for as long as you want.

    Amsterdam is a fun city that offers just the escape that you want. Maybe you're here on a business trip and you want to party after your meetings are over, before you go home. Maybe you're here for vacation and the fun and excitement were your main goals. Either way, you can have a great time with an Amsterdam escort. Below are a few places that you have to try out.

    Café Belgique

    This is a tiny bar, so it's probably going to be packed when you and the Amsterdam escorts get there, but it's really well done. There is graffiti on the walls, lights behind the rows of bottles and plenty of tables and booths for you and the escort if you do not want to sit at the bar. They have a great beer selection, even with their limited space. You and the Amsterdam escorts can try over 30 styles of beer in bottles, or you can get one of eight local beers that are all on tap. You can find this bar at Gravenstraat 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you'd like to call them, just dial +31 20 625 1974.


    The Amsterdam escorts like this place because the owners are so laid-back and fun. They're always working there themselves, smiling, smoking cigarettes and having a good time. It sets the stage for you and the Amsterdam escort to do the same thing. There is a jukebox in one corner with rock and roll classics and neon lights. In a unique twist, the owners also had wax statues made, and you and the Amsterdam escorts will be sure to notice that the statues are actually of the owners themselves. It's hilarious and really speaks to the atmosphere at this place. You can find the bar at Prins Hendrikkade 121, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 20 624 952.

    Brouwerij 't IJ

    Historic charm is something that this city has in spades, and this brewery is no exception; it's built inside of a windmill. If you've been to a place like this before, you're in the minority. Just looking at it from the outside is fun, and you'll love it even more when you go inside and try the beer. As always, there is nothing better than drinking at a brewery because everything is so fresh. The dark beers have hints of roasted malts and chocolate, making them thick and complex. The lighter varieties are refreshing and crisp, just the way that you want them to be on a hot summer day, and they are heavier on the hops. Some of the beers are very strong, so watch out. They give you small glasses that can be deceptive when you're getting such a strong brew. You can find this brewery at Funenkade 7. To call them, you can dial +31 20 622 8325.

    't Smalle

    Sticking with the historic theme, you could take the escort to this little building, which dates all the way back to 1780. It was built to be a distillery, and much of the character and charm of the building has been retained. The accent pieces are burnished bronze, the bar is made of wood, and there is leather trim on all of the seats. Sure, some of it may have been updated and refurbished as needed over the years – after all, it has been around for over 200 years, so some wear and tear is to be expected - but it was all done in a way that is true to the time period. You will feel like you've gone back in time, and the drinks that you and the Amsterdam escorts can get are as good today as they were when the place first opened its doors. You can find it at Egelantiersgracht 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can also call them at +31 20 623 9617.

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