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    Escort Service Amsterdam: Guiding You to the City

    Now, these girls are great in bed. They're fun, adventuresome and excitable. They love what they do and they really enjoy it as much as you do. That's a blast, but there are some other upsides to spending your trip with Amsterdam escorts. One is that they can guide you to the city and show you around. You've probably never been here before, and you are probably not an expert yet even if you have. These girls are experts, though, so they can make sure that you skip out on bars, restaurants and coffee shops that aren't worth it and that you only go to the places that you're going to love. Here are a few options to get you started.


    Named after the god who held the world on his shoulders, this shop is one that you are not going to forget. You and the Amsterdam escorts can play pool on one of three tables, so there is plenty to do if you want to hang around. They also have a number of computers that you can use to connect to the Internet. They don't have the most extensive list of weed that you are going to find anywhere, but what they do have is well-priced and quite good. On top of that, everyone is very friendly, so you and the Amsterdam escorts are going to feel welcome as soon as you get inside. This shop is located at Zandstraat 21, 4101 EC Culemborg, though it does not have a listed phone number.


    If there is one way to make a shop stand out, it's by naming it something like Catweazle. When you and the Amsterdam escort get here, you can choose from options like White Widow or the aptly named Catweazle Haze. This shop has been winning awards since 1997, taking home first place, second place and third place at the Highlife Festival in various years. They're not just doing one thing well, either, but doing it all, as they've won those awards in both the bio and the hydro categories. What this all means is that there is nowhere else that you should turn if getting the best weed possible is your number one goal. You can find the shop at Kattenstraat 7, 4101 BL Culemborg. To learn more, just call +31 (0)345 533787.

    Trading Weed for Alcohol

    Maybe you do want to go out, but you're not interested in buying weed. You're looking for some top-shelf alcohol instead. Thankfully, this diverse city has everything that you need. Check out some of the places listed below with the Amsterdam escorts.

    Whiskycafé L&B

    Everything about this place is centered around drinking whiskey, and it looks the part with the dark wood furniture and leather everywhere. It's a small place, but they carry more than 1,400 types of whiskey. These come from all over the world, so you can get things like Bushmills, Maker's Mark or Woodford Reserve. If you're interested in something a bit more expensive, you and the Amsterdam escorts should see if they have a bottle of Jefferson 18-Year. This is hard to find, but a place like this might be able to hook you up. You can find it at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 82-84, or you can call +31 20 625 2387.

    Café Brecht

    Want to feel like you're drinking in someone's living room? After you get the girl from the escort service Amsterdam can provide, head over to this cafe. It is decorated like a living room, complete with armchairs and nick-knacks. A lot of people come here to lounge and read, but you'll love the German beers that are on tap and the sausages that go along with them. You can get good food and good drinks, and the setting is unique, so it can really break up the monotony if you have been to a lot of bars that all feel the same. You can find this place at Weteringschans 157, and their phone number is +31 20 627 2211.

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