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    Taking Amsterdam Escorts to Top Coffee Shops

    Amsterdam has grown famous for its coffee shops, where marijuana is sold legally, and where people like the sexy Amsterdam escorts hang out to smoke. Basically, these coffee shops are just like bars, but, instead of people drinking alcohol, they are smoking pot. Some of them also sell coffee, tea, soda or even alcohol, but the main focus is on marijuana. This has gotten to be so famous because it is a practice that is illegal in other parts of the world, but the government in the Netherlands has decided to let the people be as free with pot as they are with alcohol, and the results have been terrific. When you come to town and meet up with Amsterdam escorts, you want to make sure that you take them to these shops.

    Finding the Best Shops

    Like bars, all of the coffee shops are not equal. If you are going to take an escort Netherlands has provided out to smoke at one, you want to do a bit of research first. These girls have been to many before, and they'll know if you're taking them to a dive just so that you can get a good price. They're happy with anything, but don't you want to impress them? The Amsterdam escorts may repay you a thousand times over in bed.

    Of course, it should not be all about pleasing the Amsterdam escort, as you also have a lot to gain. The best shops are the ones that offer plenty of seating, especially on sofas or leather recliners. They have games, like darts or backgammon, and some of them even have things like pool tables and pinball machines. They also offer plenty of different options that you can pick from, so you're sure to get some premium weed. You're going to be glad that you picked one of the best shops even before the Amsterdam escorts reward you for it. Below are a few that you may want to consider, all with different things to offer, though it is worth noting that there are tons of these shops in town, so you can also ask the Amsterdam escorts for recommendations.


    First off, you and the escort Netherlands has provided for you should check out Scorpio. It's a larger shop that's built in an old house, and it's right on the main street, so it's easy to find. When you get inside, they have some tables where you can sit and roll joints – if you decide not to buy the pre-rolled ones – and you can play pool. They also have games that you can pick up and play with the Amsterdam escorts. The whole thing is quite chill, and they've got a long list of varieties, all with a high level of quality, that includes things like Super Skunk, Snow, Top Misty, Super Polm, Beauty, T.N.T, and Afghan. You can get whatever you crave at this shop. It is located at Bongersstraat 6 7071 CN Ulft. The phone number is +31 (0)315 631117.

    De Bengel

    This shop will look very different than Scorpio when you and the Amsterdam escort arrive because it is in a single-story building, but it's very long, almost twice as long as most shops in the area, so there is plenty of floorspace. You are not going to feel cramped, and you should be able to find a place to sit. There are usually bikes and scooters parked outside, which can help you spot it, as there is no official sign; however, the name is painted on the windows. You can find this shop at Sportstraat 26, 6707 CG Wageningen. You can call them at +31 (0)317 417576.


    This is a great little shop that is located right near the canal. Were you thinking of going down there to see the dozens of little tourist shops or to go out on the water in a boat? If so, you definitely want to check out Cobra first, as it is just a few blocks away, and they can sell you some premium weed for your stroll. You can pick from a wide variety of options – they always change, but you should look for things like T.N.T. or White Widow – and the prices are not bad for the location. You and the Amsterdam escorts can find Cobra at Tolhuisstraat 25, 4001 LN Tiel. The phone number is +31 (0)344 617553.


    If there is one place that is as well-known for its love of weed as the Netherlands, it is Jamaica, so this shop fits in perfectly. They have some great options, such as Amnesia, Jack Herrer and Santa Maria. The Amsterdam escorts can give you some recommendations if you have never had any of those before. They have been doing some renovations in this shop, so it now feels far more clean and modern than many other shops. You can find it at van Welderenstraat 96, 6511 MS Nijmegen. You can call them at +31 (0)24 3226913.

    Escort Netherlands: Explore Your Options

    You should note that these are suggestions of where to go, but they are in no way an exhaustive list. Some of the other shops in the area are Lucky Luke, Zero Zero, Ketama, Dreadlock and Diamond. There are hundreds of them, so feel free to explore.

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