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    Bovenkerk Girls Take Your Breath Away

    When you meet our Amsterdam escorts for the first time, we know that you're going to be stunned. These girls are beautiful, as the gallery shows in every picture, especially when you get near the end. You should definitely use the gallery when deciding which girl you want to meet, but you're still going to be surprised when you get here because the girls from Amsterdam Escorts 2 U are even more ravishing in person. If you have been dreaming of taking a trip to the Netherlands so that you can enjoy some of the freedom here – when it comes to sex and marijuana – you definitely want to make sure that you meet up with one of our girls.

    If you are not sure which of the Amsterdam escorts to choose, we'd be glad to help. The gallery gives you pictures and bios so that you can really get to know them first. If you want more information or more photos, we can send those to you via email. Just give us a call and we would be glad to answer all of your questions. We want to help you find an awesome Amsterdam escort for all of the things that you want to do in town, both inside and outside of the bedroom. These girls are up for anything, and they're as eager to meet you as you are to meet them.

    Bars and Coffeeshops

    Just ask the Amsterdam escorts, and they'll tell you that there is a ton to do here, but two of the most popular nightlife destinations are bars and coffee shops. Heading back to your hotel with the Amsterdam escorts is fun, but do you really want the night to end so quickly? Why not spend some time out on the town with them, hanging out and getting to know them? The bars sell wine, beer and hard alcohol, and the coffee shops sell marijuana, so you can find plenty of things to entertain you. Take the Amsterdam escorts to some of these places and they'll make sure that you have a good time.

    Rockery Coffee Shop

    This is one of the most popular places because it is so chilled out and relaxed. Maybe you do not feel like being in the heart of the nightlife, but you still want to get out and do something. This shop provide the perfect place for you and the Amsterdam escort to kick back your feet, smoke some joints and have a good time. The décor is very unique for the area, with a Hindu flair that stands out in a town with many coffee shops. The address for this particular shop is Leidesestratt 41 Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Xtra Cold Ice Bar

    If you and the Amsterdam escorts go to this bar, it is sure to be something that you remember forever. The whole place is made out of ice. Everything inside is frozen – like the bar, the seats and the mugs. They keep it below zero degrees Celsius all of the time to maintain this atmosphere. They have a huge variety of bar food and finger food, and they serve tons of beer and cocktails – along with white wine, which should always be served cold. This crazy bar is found in the Rembrandt Square.

    Coco's Outback

    Wish you had time to take the Amsterdam escorts to Australia to see the famous land down under? This great bar could be the next best thing. It calls itself the only Australian bar that you are going to find in the Netherlands, and the theme is vibrant and well-developed. They have great food that is popular in Australia, which includes shrimp and other seafood, and many of the options – like the steak and hamburgers – are popular all over the world. This is a bar full of fun and excitement, and they also stock excellent beer from the outback. You can find this bar at Thorbeckeplein 8, 1017 CS Amsterfdam, Netherlands. To make a reservation or ask anything else, you can call them at +31 20 627 2423.

    Advanced Hydrophonics

    While there are not many coffee shops in Bovenkerk itself, you can go just over two kilometers to reach Advanced Hydroponics, in Amstelveen. This is a small, out-of-the-way shop, which can be nice because you know that they are going to offer great prices and it is not going to be packed with people. The staff can help you pick out some excellent pot, and then you and the Amsterdam escorts can smoke it there or bring it back to the hotel with you. The shop is located at Hornweg 316, 1187 NN Amstelveen. If you want to call them to make sure they are open, you can ring them up at +31 (0)297 363404.

    Sex Clubs: Are They Legal?

    One of the most frequent questions that we get from people is about whether or not it is legal to bring the escort to a sex club in Bovenkerk. We're glad to tell you that it's all legal, so you can have as much fun as you want. Maybe you're just looking for a new experience, maybe you want to try out some group situations or maybe you're simply curious about what's out there. This may be illegal in some parts of the world, but you don't have to worry about that in Amsterdam. Just have fun!

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