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    Since you know that you'll be in and around Amstelhoek, we've tried to offer some suggestions on where to go and what to see while there. When you have a few idea in your head about how you want to spend your time, you'll have that much more freedom to enjoy everything about our Amsterdam escorts.

    Amstelhoek and Amsterdam Escorts Are a Perfect Pair

    Amstelhoek is one of the small provinces sitting on the banks of the Amstel River, which is where Amstel Beer gets its name. Amstelhoek itself is a very small place, though it is right next to the larger town of Uithoorn, in which you and your pick of Amsterdam escorts will likely find plenty to do before settling into your hotel room together.

    Nearby Uithoorn is an ancient town that has a history of agriculture and animal husbandry. It has also been a front line in military actions and industrial development. While it is not huge, Uithoorn can be a nice place for you and your Amsterdam escort to get away from the busyness of the larger cities.

    Below are some ideas for things to see and places to go in the Amstelhoek and Uithoorn areas. No matter where you end up, Amsterdam escorts are always happy to come along and make every aspect of your trip just a little bit better.

    Hotel Henglesport

    Hotel Henglesport sits on Lateral Lake, and is a wonderful place to both stay and get a good meal and drink. Seven deluxe rooms are available for lodging, and the hotel can also make a great venue for weddings and other events. For you and our Amsterdam escorts, it might be the perfect spot in which to unwind after a long day and before a long night. The hotel is located at Lateral Field 54 1421 TL, and you can call 0297 56 63 32 to learn more.

    Hertog Jan op 't Water

    As you might expect, our Amsterdam escorts always appreciate a good meal. Hertog Jan op 't Water offers satisfying Dutch and Belgian food and great service in a cozy atmosphere. You can toast to your evening with your Amsterdam escort and catch some local flavor before heading off to more private quarters. This restaurant is located at Wilhelminakade 62, Uithoorn 1421 AB, or you can call 0297-561233 to make reservations.

    La Musette

    The Dutch have a fondness for French food, and La Musette is one of the great places for this technically foreign cuisine. Of course, what better food is there then French when you have a lovely Amsterdam escort on your arm? Look for seasonal dishes, a nice wine list and wonderful service. Nothing but the best for you and Amsterdam escorts! La Musette is located at Wilhelminakade 39H, Uithoorn 1421 AB, and the phone number is 0297-560900.


    This French and Mediterranean restaurant resides in an old fortress, and offers wonderful dishes and presentation. You, along with any of our Amsterdam escorts, can enjoy being wined and dined by one of the best culinary teams in the region. Enjoy seafood and other delicacies displayed in ways you've never seen before, and set the mood for a fun night with your favorite of our Amsterdam escorts. Find Amstelfort at Grevelingen 30, Uithoorn 1423DN, or make reservations by calling 0297-566444.

    Amsterdam Escorts Help You Make the Most of Your Time in Amstelhoek

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