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    Coffee Shops Are Perfect for Amsterdam Escorts

    Let's be honest: You're probably interested in going to the coffee shops if you've come to the Netherlands. People who meet up with our girls here at Amsterdam Escorts 2 U love to go to the coffee shops to try out some weed or to smoke some varieties that they can only get legally here. These are the perfect places to go with Amsterdam escorts because they provide a laid-back atmosphere where you can really get to know these beautiful girls. The more time that you spend smoking and hanging out together, the more fun you're going to have when you get in bed later on.

    However, not all coffee shops are the same. How are you supposed to know which ones you should visit and which ones you should avoid? This question is one of the other reasons why it is a great idea never to leave your hotel room without an Amsterdam escort. She is already going to know the area and she will know a lot about the coffee shopss. To get it all started, though, you may want to look at the following options. Depending on what you want, one of these ones could be ideal for you.

    ’t Klavertje

    This place is different than most of the shops that you and the Amsterdam escorts are going to find, as it is built in an old house, instead of along a crowded city street. This gives it a unique vibe and also gives them a lot more space to work with. Some people do say that it is hard to find since it is so far from the city center, but it is well worth it when you do. They have excellent Afghan hash and many other varieties. You can find this shop at Amersfoortsestraat 12, 3821 CB Amersfoort, and you can call them at +31 (0)33 4722459.


    The Amsterdam escorts will confirm that this shop is a bit more normal for Amsterdam, as it is a small brick building that is much closer to the city. However, it is one of the most popular places to go, even though it is not as unique; it used to be called Trenchtown, and it still gets a lot of traffic, even with the name change. Part of this is due to the presence of games that you can play with the Amsterdam escorts, like backgammon, and part of it is due to the bright colors and artwork that decorate the walls. It's just a nice place to be, and you're going to enjoy it, whether you want to play pinball or just sit on the couches and relax. This shop is located at Krommestraat 41, 3811 CB Amersfoort.

    The Zoo

    The Zoo is actually nothing like a zoo, but just a little shop with an apartment over it where you can take the Amsterdam escort. It is very nice on the inside, with wood floors, large sofas where you can lounge and even a kitchen table if you want to sit there instead of on the sofas. They have music on all of the time, and they also offer Internet access if you're looking for it. They are known for being friendly and the prices are good. They're not the lowest prices in the city, but the Amsterdam escorts will tell you that you could end up paying quite a lot more at other places. You can find the shop at Puntenburgerlaan 72, 3812 GG Amersfoort. If you want to call them to find out more in advance, just call +31 (0)33 4626864.


    A final option for you and the Amsterdam escorts is Horizon, a little shop that you can recognize by the bright blue sign over the large front windows. While it may be small, it has quite a lot to offer, including Northern Lights, Jack, Amnesia, Silver Haze, Bubble Gum, K2 and quite a lot more. There may even be some that you have never tried before, like AK47 or Mahkuza. If you are looking for a place where you can talk to the owners and get advice on what to try – which can be hard for visitors in a country where English is not primarily spoken – you will be glad to know that the owner of this shop is from Florida, in the United States, and so she speaks perfect English. You can find Horizon by going to Achter de Arnhemse Poortwal 55, 3811 LX Amersfoort. Their phone number is +31 (0)33 4612756.

    Finding Your Ideal Shop

    As you can see, the shops in Amsterdam can be very different. Are you looking for a great location so that you can hang out or just a place with a good selection so that you and the girl can get some weed and move on with your night? You can easily find a shop that provides exactly what you want.

    Contacting Amsterdam Escorts 2 U Is Easy

    If that sparked your interest and you now cannot wait to get in touch with a hot Amsterdam escort who can show you around and join you in the coffee shops, you'll be glad to know that we've made it really easy to do so. You can either call or email us, whichever is better for you. All of the details are on the contact page. If you are in the area already, it's probably better to call, but people who are planning their trips from overseas, dealing with a time difference, may find it best to email. Either way, we hope that you'll contact us soon to meet one of these ravishing girls!